Consulting Services

We are problem-solvers. Owners, Contractors, Architects, benefit from our involvement because we work to clarify the facts, develop reasonable alternative solutions, demonstrate the alternatives in ways that knowledgeable laymen can understand, and stay involved to implement the solutions as intended.

Our Services Include

Field Investigation and Remediation – When you have a leak, or other problems, how do you find the real cause and the best fix? We make “house calls”.

Condition Assessment – If you own, are planning to buy, or are planning to renovate a historic building, get accurate information about the existing condition of the building.

Mediation – If you find yourself in a dispute involving leakage or alleged design or construction defects, you may benefit from our help.

Design Consulting – We meet with owners, facilities managers, construction managers, architects, and other parties to the building process to identify and address problems in advance.

Architectural Construction Documents – Would you like the building exterior to receive special attention in the construction documents? Leavitt Associates prepares construction document packages in association with other design professionals, or as the principal architect.